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The composer is just a space in time.
Composer by default… living human by birth

Music is a electromagnetic representation of an equation that aims to resonate with the present instant. The composer is a space in time.

– The first moment of an invisible state of the matter that invoking signs of that existence.

Some  live presentations happen and get imperfectly recorded, on memories, but perfectly belonging to life.

See several samples HERE on Vimeo. Some of my recent compositions can be found trough the links of this page (click).

REVERBNATION Composer’s profile:

I maintain a official profile of my composition at:

You can contact me directly using the form on this site, – for BOOKING etc..


Completely adapted to the characteristics of a interactive kiosk or electronic game. Art exhibitions and grand openings, are situations that, we think, will always benefit from having special designed music and sound.

  1. Music for live presentations, happenings
    Documentaries, recreation and entertainment in general.

Please feel free to CONTACT me for a OFFER here.

Live Music Events

We offer a original live event music service. This can be useful in Corporate Brand events or as a way to personalize the entertainment that a establishment offers to their clients. We can compose a completely new set of music for your event. Under certain conditions, this may be recorded and further commercialized or freely distributed to your clients. Please feel free to CONTACT me for a BOOKING here.

photo of a live presentation " Sinos da Terra "

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  1. great about music blog, can i share it?

    1. Thank You Ida Bagus Uttarayana

  2. Rosário says:

    Um compositor e músico de excelência!…

  3. Rosário Perestrelo says:

    Um compositor e músico de excelência!…

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