I first listen this composition first time… by Maria Callas, found it so expressive of a musician`s feelings。 anyway, why not play it in festive tempo? and here it is…

Written by

Fernando Antonio dos Santos

Most work done to:

- TV Shows - Short Drama and fiction (60 minutes and different multi episodes series), TV games for children, Music fos fashion TV shows, Talk Shows (etc)

- Institutional corporate videos for firms organizations and political parties, elections TV time.

- Music for TV Spots Advertizing - Wisky Passport 3 years campaign, Raposeira wines, Amstrad computers, Alsa Chockdring, CTT (portuguese public post office ) etc.

- Sound editor most of the time using his own original music and special effects.

- Music producer of several artists to Polygram *Polydor, EMI Valentim de Carvalho

I will accept ultra urgent work as well as under special aprooval condition (ex producer public contest to gov. corporate or other special projects)

(we will be updating the ful credits list during the following days)

Thank You
Fernando António dos Santos